SOFIA Network:

SOFIA: Christian inspiration, universal charity.

SOFIA – Salvatorian Office for International Aid – is the international organization of the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers that works to ensure decent living conditions for those most in need.

In Greek Sofia also means wisdom; we want to help people to acquire knowledge and the capacity to become agents of change for themselves, for their community and for society.
Through projects related to health care, education, rural development and pastoral work, the Salvatorians concretely support men and women in re-starting their own lives and ensuring better opportunities for their children. We engage in long-term activities, economically sustainable and in harmony with the Sustainable Development Goals.
We want a world without material, intellectual and spiritual poverty, a world in which all people have equal opportunities. We believe that every person should have the right to salvation, including those people who live in the poorest and remotest areas of the planet. We believe that salvation can be reached more easily if people are given the possibility of living a dignified and happy existence.
SOFIA has divisions in various countries, with SOFIA Global being the central office for international partnerships and the development, coordination and management of projects.

The values of SOFIA

RESPECT: we recognize equal opportunities and rights for everyone, whatever their gender, religion, cultural or political affiliations may be.

CHARITY: we are close to vulnerable and marginated persons.

CONCRETENESS: we believe in the value of acting and define ourselves as “believers in action.”

EXCELLENCE: we aspire to continuous improvement and to be recognized as a point of reference in the world of missionary projects.

COURAGE: we are present where no one wants to go, also at the risk of life.

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