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Kenya is a country that is often considered to be richer than it is. In reality the poverty is widespread and development is still far off. One of the worst afflictions is the diffusion of HIV/AIDS. In the region of Kajado, in the North, more than 50.000 people live with the tragedy of the illness. They are orphans, sick people, people with disabilities, or poor women unable to feed their children. We collaborate in sustenance and care with the Congregation of the Apostles of Jesus.

The project  -  Support for the community in fighting against HIV/AIDS


Child orphans of AIDS. Often they have contracted the illness at birth from their mothers and their future depends on the treatments they will receive. 



Rift Valley




50.000 people


To lower the contamination rate, discriminatory behaviour, the mortality rate and the absence of adequate care.


The care of orphans, counselling and psychological support, distribution of medicines, education and training of youths and women.