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India, with more than a billion inhabitants, is the second most populous country in the world and the poverty of a great part of its population remains enormous. Many minors are excluded from the educational system because they are poor and find themselves working, often in conditions of abuse and violence, in order to survive and to help their families.

The Salvatorian missionaries have been present in India since 1989. We work so that education may be assured to everyone. Thus we have built and manage schools in the states of Assam (in Dhing and Nagaon) and Meghalaya (in Laitkynsew). In Ranchi, in the state of Jharkhand, we are building a new school, complete with living facilities to host the youngsters.

The project - Construction of an elementary school and a multi-purpose room  


Father Rosario along with children from the Salvatorian school.









Laitkynsew, Stato of Meghalaya




160 students; local community


To promote the rural development of the North East of India through an investment in infrastructures and programmes for education in the 36 villages of Laitkynsew.


The construction and furnishing of a two-storey building composed of four classrooms, an office for the administration, a room for the teachers/health workers, and two multi-purpose rooms for the community.