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The Philippines are a state with a demographic growth among the highest in all of south-east Asia. Two thirds of the inhabitants live on the island of Luzon in the metropolitan area of the capital Manila, which has more than 11 million inhabitants. Poverty is still a reality lived by a large part of the population, particularly in this metropolitan area, characterised by the presence of many slums.

The Project -  - Schools in the slums of Manila

  It is in these realities that the Salvatorians work to help the youths to build a future. In Parola, one of the slums of Manila, they run an educational project within the slum itself. 



The Philippines - Parola and Payatas slums in Manila




586 students and their parents


To offer to youth a way out of structural poverty through education.


Preparation of young people for conferring of the diploma equivalent to that of scholastic instruction over a long period. Seminars for parents.