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The right to education is a human right, recognised by the United Nations. Education and literacy are also the way forward to improve human development. Therefore, we strongly support the decision of the 2000 UN Millennium Summit to include universal primary education in the eight Millennium Development Goals.

In addition we work so that secondary education for girls and boys may also become universal. Only in this way, we maintain, can people in the developing world really tackle the fundamental problems they have to cope with, such as poverty, hunger, gender discrimination, health, unemployment and the lack of opportunities in society.

To help realise this, we have built and manage kindergartens, primary schools, homes for street children, as well as secondary schools and institutes for vocational training in Africa (Cameroon, D.R. Congo, Tanzania), Asia (Philippines and India) and Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela).
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Education - Images by Gabriele Orlini