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The Salvatorians have been present in Brazil for more than a 100 years with communities in many poor regions. This project is located in the township of Coelho Neto (48,000 inhabitants) with the objective to initiate rural development, local production and self-sufficiency in food.

The project - Rural Development and the fight against malnutrition in Brazil


This project represents a most important ‘Test’ that will allow the expansion of the model to other regions and Salvatorian communities.





Coelho Neto (48.000 inhabitants ) – Village Vila de Fatima


Health and development 


About 160 people (40 peasant families) half of whom are children, living in conditions of extreme poverty and semi-illiteracy.


To improve access to food for 160 people of the community, and consequently to better their health, reduce the state of misery and permit them very slowly to have access to medical and educational services by payment.


  • The provision of water tanks for the breeding of fish
  • The improvement of the system for the breeding of goats
  • The implementation of an adequate system of cultivation (Mandala System)
  • The development of small techniques of commerce and business enterprise
  • The purchase of an agricultural tractor