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Translation of some letters received from the students of the Alsa Buhay programme in Manila, at the end of the academic year 2013.

The centre, created by Father Artur, offers an alternative school programme for the recovery of children and youngsters from the slums who have abandoned school. Two containers allow hundreds of youngsters to resume studying and arrive as far as high school.



I wish to thank Puso sa Puso (n.b. a programme of Alternative School in the slums of Manila financed by SOFIA) for the help it gave me and those who study with me. You are the only means we have of continuing our studies and all have this opportunity. Thanks to Father Artur who decided to start this foundation. Thanks to Sister Francis who helps Father Artur. Infinite thanks.

I am grateful to all those who inspired us to continue our studies. May God bless you all!!!

Rica Mae B Estoya
June 2013




Dear benefactor,

hello! I hope very much that you are in good hands. I am Lera Gamba and I am a student at ALS (Centre of Alternative Learning in the slums of Manila financed by SOFIA). I am 13 years old and am already married.
I want to attend ALS in order to be able to go to high school. At the moment I live in the bidonville (slum) of Payatas.

Thanks for your help. Thanks to you we have a school, and study without having to pay. And you know something, this programme also accepts older students as long as they want to study. I hope to be able to finish school in order to go to high school and thus be able to find a good job. Thank you and I hope you can also help other people, that you may be blessed. May God bless you with love and prayers.

Lera Gamba “No one can ever take what we learn away from us”
June 2013



Thanks to the staff and benefactors of Puso sa Puso ALS (the programme of Alternative Learning financed by SOFIA) for the opportunity and privilege that you gave me. You have given me the possibility of looking my future in the face and a new opportunity to pursue my studies.

Thanks to you I am proceeding in the right direction and I have understood that my life today is only the beginning of a journey.

I believed I could open the door of my dreams and you have helped me to open it. I also hope that other people like me can do so and find hope again.

Arman Alberca
June 2013