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Pictures of the mothers and their babies born in Ntita

Sister Emily is one of the Salvatorian Sisters working in Ntita. When the Internet connection is working she sends us some beautiful happy ending stories and pictures.


Kalong Chijik and Karaj Mujing
The Kalong and Karaj children were born with their umbilical cords wrapped around their necks but their mothers would not have enough money to go to a hospital for a Cesarean section delivery. Their babies would have died. But at Ntita, the sisters, using the generous Italian donors’ funds, were able to intervene with a surgery and save the lives of the mothers and their babies. Because of this their children have survived. Initially there was a bit of suffering, but after some time, they were very lively.

Malila comes from far away. She has walked 300 km and has survived by a miracle. Her young age (only 15-years-old) and mostly her Cesarean section have allowed her to deliver her baby stuck in the birth canal. Without the help of Ntita, Malila would not have survived.

Nawei, delivering her second child, would have died without a Cesarean section. During the first delivery the midwives of the village (Matrones) had lacerated her uterus and now with each pregnancy, her life is at risk.

Karil’s husband disappeared when he discovered that his wife would have had to have a Cesarean and he could not afford the surgery’s cost. Ntita’s donations have saved both her and her baby’s lives.

Nkaj would have had to deliver her baby at home. Because the baby was a malnourished child he would have surely died. At the Salvatorian Sisters hospital she was able to deliver the baby at a minimal cost thanks to donors’ generosity.

Ngomb has brought a baby into the world who, without a small urgent surgery (anal block), would have died with great suffering.

Kalong had the uterus lacerated from the treatments that women undergo in many village inserting herbs to accelerate the delivery. This creates bleeding and lacerations of the uterus. As a consequence often mother and babies die.

Kaj was a mother so malnourished that she did not have the strength to deliver her baby who, weighting only 1400 grams, was dying. She was brought to Ntita and assisted thanks to the donations. They are alive and slowly are recovering.