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Results 2014-2016

2014-2016 |

 Tri-Annual Report


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 GRANT RECEIVED: € 3.495.097 

86 PROJECTS (plus several multi-annual programs)

 BENEFICIARIES: 60.000 - 76.000 per year

Education Health Rural Development Pastoral work Capacity Development


new pupil places



beneficiaries of programs



persons access clean water



persons served by AIDS prevention


persons access green energy





Thousands served in parishes around the globe






persons involved in institutional development





The projects we promote and implement belong to five main areas, in which the Salvatorians and SOFIA over the years have gained expertise and know-how: education, health, rural development, pastoral work and capacity building. All these are crucial for human development and in line with Catholic Social Teaching and the most important UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as the achievement of universal primary education, the improvement of maternal health, the reduction of child mortality and environmental sustainability.

Detailed charts and numbers are contained in the full report.

Download the PDF file (English)

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