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 Annual Report 2013 

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 GRANT RECEIVED: € 2.462.112 



Rural Development:
Pastoral work:


Thanks to the 27 projects we received funding for in 2013, we could assist 138,000 people. Over 9,000 children and adolescents are engaged now in formal and non-formal education; over 66,000 persons have access to basic health care; 45,000 people are about to have access to energy for the first time; and over 500 Salvatorians students are getting ready to become "Salvatorians in action" and to help the growth of people entrusted to them at different social levels.

In 2013, SOFIA received 2,462,112 €, which is an increase of 75% compared to 2012. While 88% of the funds (2,159,376 €) were used for projects, only 12% (302,736 €) were allocated to fundraising, promotion and administration.

Out of the 88% for projects, 78% (1,921,612 €) were grants and donations and went entirely to our projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The remaining 10% (237,764 €) allocated for project support and coordination all came from the Salvatorian Congregation (90,000 €) or restricted gifts and grants designated for this purpose.

The projects we promote and implement belong to four main areas, in which the Salvatorians and SOFIA over the years have gained extraordinary expertise and know-how: education, health, rural development and pastoral work. All these are crucial for human development and in line with Catholic Social Teaching and the most important UN Millennium Development Goals, such as the achievement of universal primary education, the improvement of maternal health, the reduction of child mortality, and environmental sustainability.


In terms of grants, in 2013 SOFIA received 1,921,612 € for the 27 social and pastoral projects. The funds went entirely to developing countries. Three quarters of the funding was for projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (38.3% D.R. Congo, 27% Tanzania, 5.6% Cameroon and 4.2% Kenya). One fifth of the grants were for activities in Asia (12.3% in India and 6.3% in the Philippines), and 5% went to projects in LatinAmerica (Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico).

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