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In your will, after thinking of your loved ones, you can remember SOFIA. A legacy, however small, will allow us to do great things for many people.

Why make a will

Making a will is important to ensure the proper distribution of goods and also to benefit relatives or friends otherwise excluded from inheritance, but also because the will can become a valuable tool for doing good in other ways. Through making a will, you may in fact also allocate a small portion of the inheritance to support an important cause, such as that which SOFIA continues to carry forward with perseverance and commitment in the poorest countries in the world.

How to make a will

Making a will is simple and can be prepared either by oneself and autonomously or with the professional advice of a notary. Among the various forms of wills, the most frequent are the holographic will and the public will.

The holographic will does not cost anything because it is handwritten by the testator himself, who must date it (indicating day, month and year) and sign it, at the bottom of the will.It is fundamental that the document be written by hand (therefore neither with a typewriter nor a computer nor any other mechanical device) by the one who makes the will and not by any third party. This requirement, together with the date and full signature at the bottom of the will, are the indispensable conditions for the document to be valid. It should be compiled in two authentic copies, one of which should eventually be filed with a notary.

The public will is written with the help of a professional. It is drawn up by a notary in the presence of two witnesses and is kept at the notary’s office.

What you can bequest to SOFIA

SOFIA welcomes all types of goods: sums of money, personal property (paintings, jewellery, investment funds), or real estate property (houses, shops, land) and also your severance pay benefits owed to every employee by his employer (in the case of the absence of a spouse, children, relatives, up to third cousins, relatives by marriage, up to second cousins, still living and dependent on the employee).
You can also leave your life insurance policy which, since it is excluded from the inheritance by law, can be assigned to whoever you wish, without any obligation in regard to the heirs.

Your legacy will enable us to do more

The bequests are intended to support projects in developing countries. For example, to build schools or kindergartens, for the construction of health facilities, for HIV/AIDS projects; for the building of youth centres. Any bequest, even the smallest, can make a difference in the lives of many people.

For more information, to know what we can achieve thanks to your estate, or for a confidential discussion, please contact us. We will be happy to respond to you:

Marina Saponara        T: 06 686 29 230



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