SOFIA Network:


SOFIA needs the support and donations of corporations with whom it wants to create a relationship of reciprocal esteem and trust. All the activities of SOFIA and the Salvatorians are based on donations from individuals and corporations, financing from foundations, bequests. The needs are great as are the projects, the requirements and the hopes of always doing better.

What can SOFIA give in exchange to a corporation?

All we have:

  • Our professionalism and the quality and goodness of SOFIA’s projects.
  • The medium-small dimensions of our organisation allow an exchange, an engaging cooperation and great flexibility with corporations.
  • We can plan press office activities together, involve journalists for trips to the field, create plaques with the names of the corporations on the buildings financed.
  • We can present financial statements punctually.

Examples of projects

Sponsor a class in the slums of Manila or Caracas and follow its developments in your communication with clients and employees (newsletter, circulars, blog, business website).

Donate a small percentage or an amount of the sales of a product or service.

Make a generous donation to a specific project in line with your mission.

Reward an employee or encourage good company behaviour with the possibility of visiting a project.

If you are a company and wish to associate your name with SOFIA, contact us

Marina Saponara              T: 06 686 29 230      


How your donation is used