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Prayers for the deceased and sick and mass intentions

It is possible to request of the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers prayers for a deceased or sick person. The prayers for the dead will be inserted in the religious community’s Masses and the Fathers will be one with you spiritually.

You can also ask to have a requiem Mass celebrated in the splendid chapel of the Motherhouse in Rome and, if you wish, you can participate in it personally, along with your loved ones. To have a requiem Mass celebrated, in addition to being an expression of sincere gratitude towards your loved ones, helps to purify their spirit to enable them to enter as soon as possible and fully into the light and peace of God.

Minimum donation amount 5€


The donation for the prayers for the dead will be used for the support of the Salvatorians in the missions.

However, should you want it to be used for something else, we suggest you look at what we can do with your donations on the page "in lieu of flowers"
For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

Marina Saponara

T: 06 686 29 230


How your donation is used