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Jordan University College in Tanzania

The Salvatorians founded Jordan University College (JUCO) in 2010 in response to the prevailing educational crisis in Tanzania, marked by a tremendous shortage of university graduates and secondary school teachers.

Testament to its success JUCO has seen a rapid expansion within the last four years boasting currently nearly 3500 students and lecturers on a marvellous campus in Morogoro at the foot of the Uluguru Mountains. JUCO offers a wide range of Bachelor and Masters Programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences. It is particularly successful in its training of teachers, with its faculty of education making for 60% of its students. JUCO’s aim is to educate a new generation of students that is competitive, scientific, and ethical to generate sustainable socio-economic development. Its overall objective is thus to make a significant and socially responsible contribution to Tanzanian society. JUCO is on a good way of becoming a hub for knowledge-intensive activities, contributing to the formation of a scientific community and functioning as a forum for ecumenical, as well as inter-religious dialogue.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for:

• A new Scholarship Scheme to increase the enrolment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a special emphasis on increasing the enrolment of female students

• New Masters Programmes in Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Human Development, and Social Ministry

• Capacity Development for University Staff

• Infrastructural Improvements and Teaching Equipment

If you wish to associate your name with the growth of Jordan University College and support the development of education in Tanzania, please contact:

        Dr Andreas Corcoran