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Schools and family houses in the slums of Caracas

The Salvatorians are present in Venezuela since 1957 and have wanted to focus their intervention particularly on the poorest and most depressed areas, such as the immense slum called CATIA, one of the biggest slums in all of Latin America, where about a million people live crowded together without basic services or the possibility of a dignified future.
In this slum there is a category particularly at risk: children, boys and girls, who are entering adolescence. They are the most troublesome, difficult and often condemned to a future of only violence and abuses.

The LA CONSTANCIA school was designed precisely for them by the Salvatorians. Today the school has about 1,000 boys and girls studying and, thanks to the excellent work and the transparency in the management, has won different prizes in “Quality in Education”. Two family houses are situated nearby that host orphans, abandoned children or those with difficult family situations. We need the help of all in order to be able to take care of, host, nourish, and educate these children.


The smiles of these boys from the Family House show how it is possible to give a serene future to many children who live in dramatic family and social situations.


7 Euro

The daily cost for a child and his activities: food, lodgings, school, medical assistance, formation and psychological support.

100 Euro

Contributes to the construction of the hall for the personnel who deal with the rehabilitation of the children into the official scholastic track.

250 Euro

Donates a year to a child of the Family House in which he receives protection, care and attends school.