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Safe Maternity in Congo

In Kapanga, in the Congolese savannah, giving birth to a baby may present unexpected complications. There are no proper roads, there is no electricity, there are no means of transport and the women are often forced to give birth at home, thus risking their own lives and those of their children. In this context the Salvatorian Sisters, along with SOFIA, have opened and run a maternity Clinic. The clinic offers affordable access to good maternal and pediatric health care for the women of Ntita and its surroundings. It has reduced incidence of infant mortality with the precious presence of a full-time medical surgeon capable of intervening surgically, vaccinating and caring for children up to the age of five. Per month on average 80 child births take place in the clinic.

How can you help?


Prenatal exams and childbirth assistance


Childbirth assistance and vaccination for 5 years

100 EURO

Caesarean section