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The right to education is a human right, recognized by the United Nations.

Salvatorians are present in areas where insufficient or no educational infrastructure exists because of a lack of civil structures, financial means, and teachers.


SOFIA supports Salvatorians in their work so that education for girls and boys may become more universal. As the local circumstances warrant, SOFIA also promotes educational initiatives for KG and university level school, as well as extracurricular educational initiatives in slums for school dropouts.


The focus of SOFIA’s educational activity is on formal school education in primary and secondary level.



AlsaBuhay - A Future for Slum Children in Manila

Many children of theParola slum in Manila are born in broken families, dire poverty and are often subject to all kinds of abuse and crime. Attending school and building a future are often impossible for them.

SOFIA, through an innovative program called “ALSA BUHAY”, helps these children by providing an innovative opportunity of alternative education inside the slum. The educational program prepares them for a high school diploma equivalency. Over 700 children have already benefited from this project, but more support is needed to enable SOFIA to shape a better tomorrow for more children in the slum. Every euro donated equals one day of school for a child.



This project concerns the organization and delivery of art courses to the disadvantaged youth of the Catia slum in Caracas. Workshops are guided by experienced teachers. The choice of workshops ranges from dance, painting, music and photography, to learning to read novels. The workshops attract children and youth aged 4 to 28 and are held in existing school and parish premises.

This initiative has the following objectives:

1. Provide alternative, enriching, and productive activities to keep youth active and engaged, which ultimately keeps them off the street and out of any potential harm’s way.

2. Encourage through art and culture values such as: responsibility, discipline, confidence.

3. Stir in children and young people citizen awareness and group work in such a way that the workshops’ educational outcomes would be useful to the community.

An overarching purpose of this initiative is that the young participants are offered a structure in life and hope, a key ingredient for happiness.


JUCo, Morogoro

The Salvatorians founded Jordan University College (JUCo) in 2010 in response to the prevailing educational crisis in Tanzania.

As testament to its success, JUCo has seen a rapid expansion since 2010, currently boasting approximately 3,700 students and 100 lecturers on a marvellous campus. JUCo offers a range of Bachelor and Masters Programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences. It is particularly successful in its training of teachers, with students in its school of education accounting for over half of its enrolment.

JUCo’s aim is to educate a new generation of students that will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development. Its overall objective is thus to make a significant and socially responsible contribution to Tanzanian society.

We are currently seeking support for:

  • Scholarships to increase the enrollment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and of female students
  • New masters programs in administration, socially responsible entrepreneurship, sustainable human development and social work
  • Professional development for the college staff
  • Facility improvements

If you wish to associate your name with the growth of Jordan University College and support the development of education in Tanzania, please contact.