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Suriname is one of the three “Guyanas”. Suriname is a small country on the north-eastern coast of South America. It was a Dutch colony for 300 years until it became independent in 1975. The poverty rate in Suriname is about 47%. Nearly one out of two people in the country live in poverty. Many Surinamese children are left with no choice but to work illegally in order to provide for the needs of their family. Suriname has a multi-cultural population of 534,000 spread across 163,265 sq. km. Dutch is the official language of the country.



Expansion of St. Ignatius School, Paramaribo

St. Ignatius school supports the poor children of the neighbourhood. The school receives far more students than it can actually accommodate, and many students wanting to study there have to be turned down. Lack of accommodation in the school causes disappointment to many parents as their only other option is to send their children to a faraway school at great expense.


Upgrade of Radio Immanuel

As a ‘community radio’ Radio Immanuel makes a major contribution to the development of social identity and values, interreligious cohabitation, faith and society. The programs are in Dutch and some in Portuguese (40,000 Brazilians live in Suriname). The project concerns the professionalization and upgrade of the radio station. This professionalization would lead to a quality improvement at the technical level, as well as in terms of programs. The aim of the project is to reach at least 63.7% of the total population of the country.