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Cameroon, situated in the central Africa, is home to more than 200 different linguistic groups and has a population of 23.5 million. It has one of the highest literacy rates on the continent. Its progress, however, is hindered by persistent problems of corruption. Cameroon has two distinct areas: the South and the North. Created in 1961 by the unification of two former colonies, one British and one French, the modern state of Cameroon has struggled to find peace and unity. It seems as if the North and the South are two different countries. The northern part, especially, is marginalized and deprived in many ways. More recently, the mainly Muslim far North has been drawn into the regional Islamist insurgency of Boko Haram.



Centre for Youth and Women Empowerment

The project intends to build a youth and women empowerment center in Ndikinimeki. The centre will train the young, boys and girls, to take care of themselves through vocational training and self-help programs. This training will enable young people to learn a profession and thus to reintegrate into working life; this will have a positive impact on the standard of living and help fight poverty.


Mahola Health Center, Siliyegue

To develop a comprehensive local health care system for the people in the rural regions around the village of Siliyegue, which is about 60 km from the capital of Cameroon Yaoundé and surrounded by scattered villages. People of these regions are suffering from diseases such as Malaria, HIV, Cholera and Pneumonia. They also lack infrastructure, such as proper roads, electricity, drinking water and waste disposal.


School Supplies for the kindergarten in Hina

This project has been set up to offer the small children of Hina the opportunity to attend Kindergarten. Concretely, this project aims at fulfilling the most basic needs: supplies such as furniture, books and toys.

Status: Completed