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The right to life is fundamental. Nevertheless, the life of many is threatened by the lack of adequate health care services or the inability to access them. Curable diseases heavily impact the quality of life of too many people.


As part of their mission of bringing healing to every human being, Salvatorians engage in primary health care. They let themselves be guided by local circumstances and their personnel resources. That is why they engage in this sector especially in Africa, where health care services are insufficient, and a number of Salvatorian members are trained nurses.


SOFIA focuses on sustainable health projects and basic health care to combat curable diseases and child mortality in a number of places in Congo, Tanzania and Comoros Islands.

Given the relevance of this sector in Africa, SOFIA also supports projects of other missionaries, such as a community-based project in Kajiado County (Kenya) to fight and prevent HIV/AIDS.


Comoros Islands

Power Health

SOFIA assisted the small hospital of the Catholic Mission at Moroni (Comoros Islands) with the provision of a solar electric system to guarantee reliable and green energy. This health center in a predominantly Muslim environment is the only way allowed to serve the Comorian people. The installation of the solar system has resulted in a huge saving on operational expenses and contributed to the health center’s sustainable development.


Upgrade for St. Joseph Dispensary

Serving a huge surrounding region in landlocked Namiungo, Southern Tanzania, SOFIA assisted the small dispensary to engage in a substantial upgrade. A mother-and-child clinic was built, together with new toilets and proper storage for medicines. As the only health facility in the area, St. Joseph Dispensary now also provides ambulance service for patients to the town of Tunduru, where the nearest hospital is located. Local health workers have received training on infant nutrition, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, and basic hygiene. Equipment for diagnostics was acquired, a newly drilled bore hole provides easy access to clean water, and the area was fenced for security. The number and the quality of services have greatly improved.


AJAM (Apostles of Jesus AIDS Ministries)

SOFIA supports this excellent project of another congregation, the Apostles of Jesus. Located in Kajiado County (Kenya) AJAM involves thousands of people. It upholds a remarkable quality, professionalism and inspiration. AJAM not only partners with SOFIA, but also with others such as Missio Munich (Germany). The quality checks of these organizations are an additional confirmation of the good work delivered. AJAM consists of several components: prevention, health and hygiene education, medical care and follow up.