Christian inspiration,
Universal charity.

What we do

SOFIA works with individual and institutional donors to promote wellbeing and healing in the developing nations across the world. SOFIA operates in Tanzania, Congo, Cameroon, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Columbia, Brazil, Kenya, Comoros Islands, Guatemala, Mexico, Suriname and Venezuela, in close collaboration with SOFIA regional offices. To further its mission, SOFIA:

  • Contributes to improve educational facilities in various remote parts of Congo, India, Tanzania, Venezuela, and Kenya,
  • Engages in basic health care projects in several African countries,with a focus onwomen and young people,
  • Is active in rural development, with sustainable energy, agricultural development and income generating projects in remote areas of Congo, Colombia, Brazil and India,
  • Promotes organizational development within Salvatorian units and activities,
  • Supports the pastoral work of Salvatorians in all their apostolates, with a special focus on preparing more than 500 young Salvatorians in Africa and Asia to work in difficult environments.