Christian inspiration,
Universal charity.

About us

SOFIA – Salvatorian Office for International Aid is an internationally-orientated, non-profit organization of the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers. SOFIA works for the spiritual and economic wellbeing of the poor and marginalized in developing nations. We promote an equitable and sustainable society through education, healthcare, pastoral work and community capacity building. SOFIA engages in long and short-term activities to help people to acquire the knowledge and skills to become agents of change for themselves, their community and society.

SOFIA GLOBAL is the Salvatorians’ central office for development. It coordinates and manages projects and has branches in various developing nations.


SOFIA GLOBAL was founded in Rome in April 2008. Since then, the following regional branches of SOFIA have been created:




STIFTUNG SOFIA in Switzerland
SOFIA CONGO in the Congo Mission Pro-Province


SOFIA INDIA in the India Mission Vicariate
SOFIA TANZANIA in the Tanzania Mission
SOFIA VENEZUELA in the Venezuela Vicariate

SOFIA GLOBAL cooperates closely with other Salvatorian fundraising and development initiatives in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain and the USA.

Increased fundraising and ever more professional project management skills are needed, because the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers’ international community is growing at a steady and rapid rate. In order to extend its mission into the future, money and skills are indispensable.

Specifically, SOFIA and its local branches plan to:

  • Increase grant readiness at the local level
  • Recruit and train more members of the Society for project and development work
  • Solicit input from the grassroots level
  • Instill professionalism concerning project design and management at the local level
  • Create equal access to funding opportunities from more developed areas for members from developing countries.


Healing for all.

SOFIA intends to contribute to a world where each human being can obtain the means to live life with the dignity intended by the Creator.



Inspired by Catholic social teaching, SOFIA promotes the common good of people through activities that overcome poverty, injustice and oppression of every kind, thus translating the Salvatorian spirituality into action.


Respect for human dignity

Service to all people without distinction

Promotion of social justice

Preferential love for the poor and oppressed

Respect for the lifestyle and mentality of the people we serve


The Society of the Divine Savior, popularly known as the Salvatorian Fathers and Brothers, is an international, religious congregation of Priests and Brothers in the Roman Catholic Church. It was founded in Rome on 8 December 1881, by Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. At this point in time, the Society is experiencing renewed growth, numbering more than 1200 members as well as 400 young men in formation to religious life, getting prepared to serve the people wherever needed. It continues to expand its charism through missionary activities in new geographic areas.

Salvatorians are active across 40 countries throughout the world. We are part of the Salvatorian Family that includes religious Sisters (Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior) and Lay Salvatorians (International Community of the Divine Savior). 

Guided by Christian values and inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, Salvatorians work for the salvation of all people, including their fundamental human rights regardless of gender, race, religion, social background, or political affiliation. Many Salvatorians spend their lives with the poor, often in remote places, because of a deliberate choice to go and confront difficult and challenging situations.