Christian inspiration,
Universal charity.



In the Christian worldview, a human being is not complete without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, expressed in faith and ecclesial communion. It is obvious that many people and entire societies live without any religion. Many baptized Christians do not live up to the demands of their faith or are unaware of the implications of their baptismal commitment for their daily life and the options they take in life. The Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) was founded to confront this situation.


SOFIA assists the Salvatorians in their task to universally spread the knowledge of the Divine Savior and of salvation. Their apostolic activities in over 40 countries all over the world need initial investment, which SOFIA seeks to procure by contacting ecclesiastical funding organizations.


SOFIA’s pastoral projects focus on religious formation, such as the construction of a formation center in Ndikinimeki (Cameroon), the maintenance of parish structures, and fundraising for various socio-pastoral activities.



Kenya Mission start up help

In the wake of a generation of dynamic mission involvement, the Salvatorians started a new mission in Osorongai (Eldoret, Kenya) in 2015. From the beginning, SOFIA assisted with fundraising for the start-up of this mission. An existing primary school was acquired and upgraded by repairs and new construction. A secondary school project will be realized in the years to come.


Shillong Multipurpose Hall

At the location of the Salvatorian Theology Study House in Shillong (India), the Salvatorians in India are planning the construction of a multipurpose hall. The scope of this project is to create the infrastructure for a host of educational programs, be they civic (awareness building, workshops on income generation, hygiene and social development) or religious (courses for sacrament preparation, catechesis, workshops for pastoral agents).