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Brazil is the largest country in South-America and is a former Portuguese colony. Brazil has a highly diverse population, which includes indigenous Americans, the descendants of African slaves and European settlers. Over the past few years, Brazil has come a long way to hoist millions from a state of poverty. The gap between rich and poor however remains wide. The country is suffering from high unemployment, political scandals and high inflation. Brazil has a population of 208 million spread across an area of 8.55m sq. km.



Coelho Neto Agricultural Cooperative

When 40 poor families in the state of Maranhão (Brazil) were able to acquire land for the first time, they formed an agricultural cooperative. SOFIA supported their initiative with educational workshops that helped them enhance their agricultural skills. A tractor was provided, fish ponds created, a goat farm fenced, vegetable gardens planted. The project has made a substantial contribution, not only to family income, but also to the health of many people, providing a diverse and nutritional range of food products. This small-scale initiative is seeking financial help to expand production activities in horticulture, goat rearing and fish breeding. At the same time, it is imparting in the three relative production areas and in marketing.


Jordan Community Centre

This project concerns the construction of and equipment for a Community Centre in Coelho Neto in the state of Maranhão, Brazil. The Salvatorian community located in Coelho Neto already carries out a vast range of pastoral and social activities for the children, youth and adults of the area. However, the present building is in a deteriorated state and has to be demolished for safety reasons. There is therefore an urgent need to build new facilities, with solid materials, where the youth groups will be able to meet, where women can carry out their meetings and training, and where the educators and social workers have a place to plan their work for the children of the area.